RET2 WarGames Training Certificate

What is the RET2 WarGames Certificate?

RET2 WarGames equips you with the strategic thinking necessary to uncover and exploit vulnerabilities in low level systems, turning motivated individuals into top performers. Obtaining our certificate requires more than demonstrating simple mechanics; it's a transformative journey which nurtures persistence while forging your adversarial mindset.

Individuals holding this certificate possess the necessary skills to meaningfully contribute to vulnerability research projects, both independently and as valuable team members.

Certificate Qualification Criteria

All professional-tier accounts are eligible to automatically redeem a certificate of training from RET2 assuming the minimum course completion requirements have been met:

  • Complete 20 of the 30 progression levels
  • Unlock the final level of chapter 10 (race conditions)
  • Complete the first comprehensive Mission 1 challenge

Certificate Redemption Process

Professional-tier users can track their individual progress towards completion within their profile page. Upon meeting the certification requirements detailed above, eligible users will be presented a simple form for a special one-time redemption of their named training certificate:

If you encounter any issues redeeming your professional certificate or made an error in the name displayed on the certificate, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Proof of Certification

To check the validity of a RET2 WarGames certificate, one can use our online certificate service. This public facing service allows one to query any named training certificate issued by RET2 using its hash.

Each certificate will contain the name of the certified individual, the date the training certificate was issued, and a unique identification hash for certificate lookups.


To uphold the integrity of our named certificates and the weight they carry in attesting one's technical merit, RET2 reserves the right to revoke any issued certificate without notice.

This clause applies predominantly to expel certificates obtained through extreme cases of cheating, answer sharing, or outright fraudulent purchases.