Academic Licensing

Student Subscription

Full-time students at universities and colleges may be eligible to purchase individual access to the platform and courseware at the discounted rate of $149.

Students can request a uniquely-generated discount link using their educational email address. We also strongly encourage students to research whether they can complete RET2 WarGames for college credit as an independent study.

Classroom Subscription

Professors and educators of higher education who are interested in licensing the platform for a classroom-setting or evaluating the course content should contact us with their interests.

Classroom licensing provides the instructor with the ability to oversee student accounts and track their progress, but at a discounted rate from the 'Team' subscription.

Institution-level Integration

RET2 is actively exploring new opportunities to integrate the platform with academic entities at the institutional level. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in special application of the platform technology or developing new curriculum.